All your winery wastewater treated in one system

Bio-Microbics BioBarrier® MBR and BioBarrier® HSMBR® Winery Wastewater Treatment System designed to treat your process wastewater exclusively or in combination with sanitary wastewater from your tasting rooms, hospitality facilities; including from kitchens, sinks, and toilets wastewater – all in one single treatment system with effluent exceeding typical local regulatory requirements!

The immersed membrane technology utilized in the BioBarrier® Systems allows for installation into a smaller footprint with both above or below ground tank options.

The BioBarrier® MBR is the first system ever to receive NSF/ANSI Standard 350 certification for water reuse, click here to review NSF listing!

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Simple, Low-Cost, Robust Solutions

Benefits of a BioBarrier® MBR and BioBarrier® HSMBR® winery wastewater system:

BioBarrier’s high-quality effluent provides new opportunities for water recycling techniques that will have dramatic, positive effects on winery properties around the globe.

  • Produces quality effluent, ideal for water reuse.
  • Strong, durable components, long lasting performance.
  • Ships installation ready making it easier to install, operate, and maintain.
  • Pre-engineered, modular design at an affordable price.
  • Advanced, immersed membrane technology allows for installation both above & below ground tank.
Best in class performance from an industry leader, the Bio-Microbics BioBarrier® MBR is the first system to receive NSF/ANSI Standard 350 certification for water reuse!


Strong, durable components

• Creating new opportunities for water reuse • Provide long lasting performance of your winery wastewater system • Easier to install, operate, and maintain than other types of treatment systems • Superior technology at an affordable price • Best in class performance from an industry leader!

Pre-engineered, Scalable Design

BioMicrobics Winery Wastewater Treatment

The resulting highly treated effluent can be used for vineyard irrigation, landscape area, water features/fountains, dust control, and a variety of other water reuse applications to:

  • help conserve natural resources
  • protect ground/surface water
  • overcome land constraints

We provide Wastewater Treatment for Wineries

With broad opportunities to achieve a largely sustainable operation at wineries, our treatment of wastewater is to produce an effluent quality superior enough for irrigation. Thus, reclaiming water on site and regard it more as a resource rather than a waste product.